Stop the killing of shelter animals in Toronto and in all Southern Ontario


Nathan Winogradís lecture in Toronto on April 14 was most enlightening and has clearly shown that No Kill can be easily implemented in Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area. It has been successfully put into practice in shelters in large US cities as well as in rural areas with†an animal†intake up to six times the one of Toronto.


Our task here in Toronto is relatively easy. We just have to fight the complacency of shelter managers who are unwilling to change and the resistance that accompanies any change. No Kill is an historical inevitability, there is no going back, it is the way of the future. Unfortunately, while we are working to make it happen, cats and dogs will continue to be killed in pounds all across Toronto, the GTA, and Southern Ontario at the rate of up to 75% of the animals taken in. No matter how soon it will happen, it will be too late for thousands of cats, kittens, dogs and other small companion animals: every day counts.


If you wish to be kept informed about the progress of the No Kill movement in Toronto and in the GTA, please contact us. Also, if you would like to participate and to be active in the change, please let us know. We need your ideas, your input. and your participation.† Contact Claudia Vecchio at


Please notice, if you do not live in the Toronto area, we can place you in touch with No Kill advocates in your geographical area. Watch this space for future announcements.


For more information on the No Kill Movement in the US, and for useful documentation applicable also to Canada, please visit
Download the No Kill primer here (pdf document).

The No Kill Equation:

  1. TNR Program
  2. High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter
  3. Rescue Groups
  4. Foster Care
  5. Comprehensive Adoption Programs
  6. Pet Retention
  7. Medical and Behavior Prevention & Rehabilitation
  8. Public Relations/Community Involvement
  9. Volunteers
  10. Proactive Redemptions
  11. A Compassionate Director

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